Raúl Acosta

Raúl Acosta is a postdoctoral researcher in NoJoke working on the subproject “Who’s laughing now?” about Mexican political humour. He received his doctoral degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Oxford and has worked in universities in Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany. His research has spanned civil society, non-governmental organizations, activism, urban governance, environmental politics, and sociocultural diversification. His attention to activist performativity in efforts to alter collective life, has informed his current subproject within NoJoke.

He has published two monographs: Civil becomings: performative politics in the Amazon and the Mediterranean (Univ. of Alabama Press 2020), and NGO and social movement networking in the World Social Forum: an anthropological approach (VDM 2009); edited several volumes; and published numerous academic articles and book chapters.




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