Prateek is a researcher in the NoJoke project. They intend to research queerness and humour in India. They have been working with women collectives for more than 7 years. Their engagement with women collectives started during their MPhil in Development Practice from Ambedkar University Delhi where they conducted an action research project with adivasi women from Kanker district of Chhattisgarh, India. After that, they worked in various organizations around the questions of gender and labour, collective action, ecology and possibility of solidarities between various movements

They rely a lot on participatory research methodologies and performance as research where the body itself becomes a site of knowledge and can be used as a mode of communication. Their engagement with collectives, through mentioned methodologies as well as their experiences of being a queer person in India has informed their intended research in the No Joke project.

Prateek’s research interests include questions of desire and its performance, indigenous food cultures and practices, democratizing research and writing as well as feminist and queer studies.